Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Viking RPG - Name, Concept, and More!

Okay, I've got some awesome sauce for the Viking RPG idea. Here we go:

Title: Pillagers
Type: 3rd/1st Person RPG
Stations: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Now for the concept:

    In Pillagers, you start off as a 16 year old teen, awaiting his trial for whether he becomes a Pillager, or dies trying. Once you win, and are officially a Pillager, you're now part of a rising anarchy group. Your country is controlled by a dictator, who made the citizens believe he'd make things better, but they are worse. You need to pillage and destroy towns that are controlled by his tyranny, and work your way up to defeating him. There will be many challenges on the way, including dungeons, dragons, and war. Your job is to be part of these, and take them on as best as you can, not to be a wimpy ninja.


Pillagers: Anarchic group planning to take over the government and control their homeland of Halogen.
Reichs (Ry-ks): Followers of Reich, the dictator of Halogen.
You (Custom name): The new member of the Pillagers, who is apparently the chosen one to defeat Reich.
Reich: Evil dictator of Halogen. Nobody likes him. You should kill him.
And of course bystanders. (More characters to come obviously.)

Customization of your character:
You can customize it's gender, hair, size, build, and favorites. (Food, weapon, tool, job, etc.)


This map is a work-in-progress. Here's some info.

Korona: Land of the Pillagers. Not under Reich's control.
Cross Lands: Center 'divider' of Halogen. No organized settlements.
Sharumai: Home of the government, Reich, and his followers.
Marsh: A peninsula off of Sharumai, which is also under the control of Reich.

North Sea: A body of water, nothing mythical really, more like the entrance to Halogen.
South Sea: A mythical body of water, filled with serpents, giant squids, and other such fantasy sea creatures.
Sharumai Bay: A bay located off the south end of Sharumai. Under Reich's control.

    So this is what I've got for Pillagers so far, and this is nowhere near complete. I really like this idea, and hopefully somebody will take this into action, but not yet! Pillagers is heavily under construction, and needs time to evolve into it's perfect state. Stay tuned for more!

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